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SOXPro recovery socks provide higher compression to help the muscle recovery and enhancing blood circulation for faster muscle recovery.
More and more professionals are using this technology to recover faster from training and competitions, reducing muscle damage and limiting post training swel-

SOXPro Recovery avoid the accumulation of lactic acid on the calf’s muscles
slowering the muscular strain and drastically reducing the recovery time.
These Recovery socks can be used before the sports activity to fasten the warming up. They are also perfect for the post performance to shorten recovery time muscles.

20mmHg at the ankle and 12mmhG at the top of the stocking to improve blood glow.

49% Polyamide | 15% Elastane | 36% Polypropylene


L (41-43), M (39-41), S (37-39), XL (43-45), XXL (45-47)


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