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The FLEX-GXPro shin guards are 100% adaptable to the physical characteristics of the athlete and, with a weight of only 55g, are lighter than all other shin guards on the market. They also guarantee a shock absorption of 20% more than the others shin guards, confirming a product ready to completely revolutionize the concept of the shin guard itself.

  • 3D perforated texture: the shin guards will remain well adherent to the skin, avoiding any annoying movements under the sock.
  • Our shin guards have been tested in the laboratory and numerous athletes appreciated them for their high comfort and the attractive design that distinguishes them.
  • NSG gel: it’s a real revolution, it is a patented thermoplastic gel which guarantees the maximum shock absorption.
  • A modern design that resists to wear, and it maintains its brightness thanks to the applied ink’s particular molecular structure
  • The FLEX-Gxpro shin guards are characterized by an extraordinary versatility, ensuring perfect adherence on any type of skinFrom the beginning to the end of the match, the shin guards will remain blocked in the right position, avoiding the annoying slipping inside the socks and ensuring maximum protection from bumps resulting from game collisions.

M (10cm x 17cm), S (9cm x 15cm)


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