Real TEC Glove Cuts:

  • A “Hybrid” cut is simply a combination of different cuts. 
  • Goalkeepers have the option of trying out different Hybrid cuts to determine one that suits their preference.
  • Popular Hybrid cuts include Roll Finger-Negative or Flat Palm-Roll Finger combinations, seeking a “best of both worlds” glove.
  • Negative cut goalkeeper gloves are modern and elegantly designed. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years.
    • Similar to Flat Palm gloves in that they use a single piece of latex attached to the backhand via gussets.
    • Unlike Flat Palm gloves as the stitching for the gussets is inside the glove and can’t be seen from the exterior.
  • Provides a tighter, more “natural” fit than other glove types, giving maximum control of the ball.
  • Flat Cut is a classic entry-level cut which emerged when goalkeeping gloves first hit the scene.
  • Consists of one single piece of latex attached to the back of the glove, with stitched gussets in between the fingers and palm.
  • Gussets are located on the outside, giving a loose feel around the hand (unlike Negative Cut gloves that are stitched on the inside).